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Turning Copper Into Gold
July 1996

Mare is Saved From Auction-Scored a Minus 1 On the Henneke Chart!

Mare is Saved From Auction-Scored a Minus 1 On the Henneke Chart!
The Miracle Mile
July 1990
Pregnant Mare Foals Hours After Rescue From Slaughterhouse-
Foal is a Stakes Winner!


The Horse That The Killers Refused to Bid $5.00 On
July 1999

Emaciated and Sick Gelding Is Saved From Auction!
No charges ever filed...

Emaciated and Sick Gelding Is Saved From Auction!


California Voters "Just Say Neigh" to Horse Slaughter!

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HoofPAC Political Action Committee

HoofPAC is the political action committee that has been formed to end the slaughter of America's horses. Cathleen Doyle, founder of HoofPAC, led the successful Save The Horses campaign in 1998 that made the slaughter of California's horses a felony.

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Donating Your Horse

Horse Rescues, Welfare Organizations and Sanctuaries

Mounted Police Units, and Therapeutic Riding Centers

Note !!!!

In the past there have been several scams involving people offering good homes for unwanted horses.

Unsuspecting owners give their horse to people or "organizations" that claim to provide a good home for the horse. The horse is then taken to an auction and sold, often for slaughter.

Several years ago in PA a woman was conducting such a scam. Suspicions arose because the woman always picked the horses up on Sunday evenings. The New Holland horse sale is on Monday. The scam was exposed in a local paper.

Most recently, an Ohio man was exposed by a local TV station for taking horses that had been given to him with the belief that the horses were going to a lifelong home. The horses were taken to the sale in Sugar Creek, OH with many of the horses going to slaughter.

There have also been reports over the years of therapeutic riding programs accepting donations Of horses and then selling the horse to purchase a much younger Or desirable horse Of their choice.

In our experience we have found that owners do not want to take responsibility and have their horse euthanised by a vet. Instead they choose to ignore the reality that the majority of experienced horse people with the knowledge to properly care for this type of horse are not interested in horses with soundness issues that require special shoeing and medication.

Instead,they give the horse to the first person who tells them what they want to hear.

Then when they find out that the horse has been sold they want the police and everyone else to help them find "their" horse.

Reality Check

The horse is not "theirs" anymore. They gave their beloved horse away. They gave the horse away even after being advised by a vet to put the horse down. They gave the horse away even after being educated as to what they needed to do to insure the horse's safety. They gave the horse away after being educated about the realities about finding a home for a horse with soundness issues. A horse that they loved, yet did not want.

Sometimes the kindest, albeit the hardest, thing to do is to have the horse euthanised by a vet.

If you, the owner cannot face having to make the decision to put down your beloved horse, can you really trust the next person to make that decision?

Checklist for Owners Donating A Horse

  • Funding
  • Non-profit corporation and/or 501c(3)?
  • Is the donation of your horse tax deductible?
  • Registered with the Charities Bureau, Attorney Generals Office, etc.?
  • Are the horses adopted, placed, leased?
  • If yes, does the organization retain ownership?
  • Does the organization give clear title of the horse to adopters?(not desirable)
  • Level of horse experience of organization's board of directors, caretakers, etc.
  • What methods are used to check on horses?
  • For how long and how often are checks required?
  • Adoption requirements?
  • Is the horse's registration papers turned over to the adoptor?
  • If the adoptor is going to board the horse, does the rescue require a boarding contract with the boarding facility? What happens if the adoptor does not pay the board? Does the rescue pay the back board and repossess the horse?
  • Are adoptors allowed to lease the horse out to other people?
  • Donated horses that require medication and special shoeing-Does the organization insure that the adoptor follows-through with the regimen.
  • Does the organization permit breeding of adopted/donated horses?
  • Is visitation of the horse permitted?
  • Has contract been upheld in court? Ask for documentation.
  • What happens if organization should become defunct? IRS requires that asset of allocations be stated.
  • How long has organization been established?
  • Upon death of horse is owner notified?
  • Death documented?
  • Ask to review application and contract. Contract should include a penalty paragraph-see discussion of lease .
  • Inspect facilities, review management practices.
  • What is their mission statement, goal, purpose.

    Questions For Mounted Units, Riding Programs

  • If the horse is not suitable for the intended riding program, what happens to the horse?
  • Work schedule?
  • Riders' training?
  • Same rider, same horse?
  • Budget cuts-horse herd to be reduced, can donor have their horse back?
  • Retirement-can horse return to the donor?
  • Can donor insist upon euthanasia upon retirement?
  • What happens when a riding program, mounted unit or research project is over?
  • Can owner lease the horse to mounted unit, riding program, or college instead of donating?

    Thoroughbred Race Horse Donation Programs

    Turning For Home - Philadelphia Park

    P.O. Box 300
    Bensalem, PA 19020
    Barbara Luna
    Program Administrator

Commitment - Do You Know Where Your First Horse Is?

Make the Commitment to Your Horse and

Save America's Horses!

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Equine Protection Network, Inc., P. O. Box 232, Friedensburg, PA, 17933

Save America's Horses- Make the Commitment to Your Horse!

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