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Turning Copper Into Gold
July 1996

Mare is Saved From Auction-Scored a Minus 1 On the Henneke Chart!

Mare is Saved From Auction-Scored a Minus 1 On the Henneke Chart!
The Miracle Mile
July 1990
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The Horse That The Killers Refused to Bid $5.00 On
July 1999

Emaciated and Sick Gelding Is Saved From Auction!
No charges ever filed...

Emaciated and Sick Gelding Is Saved From Auction!


California Voters "Just Say Neigh" to Horse Slaughter!

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HoofPAC is the political action committee that has been formed to end the slaughter of America's horses. Cathleen Doyle, founder of HoofPAC, led the successful Save The Horses campaign in 1998 that made the slaughter of California's horses a felony.

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"Allowing rescued horses to deteriorate due to inadequate care, resources or space is no favor to them and can progress to the point of cruelty"
American Association of Equine Practitioners Care Guidelines for Equine Rescue & Retirement Facilities

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Sad Eyed Arab

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No Bidders at $5.00

Second Chance

July 1999

According to Dr. Temple Grandin, Department of Animal Sciences, Colorado State University in a report commisioned by USDA/ APHIS

" The New Holland sale will not accept horses that are severely lame or in very poor condition. "


" The New Holland sale has banned horses with severe welfare problems from their sale."

Really ??

This horse's resting heart rate was in the 60's.
His resting respiration was 32 and very labored.
Normal resting heart rate is 36 - 40.
Normal resting respiration in 12- 16.

Second Chance's Story,

As told by one of the people who bought him..

Horse rescued at New Holland Auction
Friday, 30-Jul-99

Second Chance

I have lived in Pennsylvania my whole life, in a small town in Lancaster County. Last Monday, my friend wanted to buy a horse, so she asked if I would like to go to the New Holland Auction to check out the prices of the horse. I wasn't sure if I wanted to because of all the stories I had heard about auctions, but I decided to go along just to see.

While walking down the (a)isles where hundreds of horses where packed tightly together, occasionally biting and kicking each other, I noticed at the very end of the line was a small horse, about 15 hands, hunched against the wall. He was so thin that his pelvic bones stuck out like handles on a bicycle. Every bone in his spine showed, and I could count every rib. I couldn't see his face because there were too many horses shoved together and I was standing behind him. I pointed him out to my friend Laura, and at that moment we decided that no matter what happened, we were taking him home.

Never having been to the auction before (we both are seventeen), we did not realize that we needed a number to bid on him. When the auction started, we realized our mistake and I headed to the office to get one.

As I walked through the many Amish, I saw a small Amish man leading him to the small arena. The bidding started at $35, but when no one bid, he went down to $5, but still no buyers.

I walked as quickly as I could through the mass of people to the office and asked for a number. They were not concerned about my age, or my ability to care for an animal, only if I was going to be paying by check or cash. Because I was only paying with cash, they gave me one, and my friend and I went in search for the gelding.

Thick mucous discharge drains from rescued horse's nostrils.We found him in his own pen now, but with water thick with mud and dead insects, and no food in site. His nose was dripping with thick green mucus, and his nostrils flared for breath. He could barley lift his head to allow us to stroke him, much less move closer to the only friendly hands he had probably hadn't felt in a long time. His coughing was harsh and dry, and he had had several loose bowel movements. He was filthy with grime, his entire belly caked in manure. Never have I seen a horse so neglected and sick.

Laura went to the auction manager and asked how much he would take for him. He told her $30 because they weren't getting any money form(from> the owners. She asked why and he said that a company (soon we realized a dealer) had dropped him off with a note that a church had had him and that if he wasn't sold, to "dispose" of him, or in lamen's terms, to make him into dog food.

We paid the auction manager and went in search of a ride for Second Chance, as we decided to call him. We ended paying $50 just to trail him, almost double what it cost to buy him.

Poor Chance stumbled from the barn to the trailer, and when we reached that, he just looked at the small step up and wouldn't move. With a bit of encouragement, he got half way in, but had to stop just to breath before continuing.

When we arrived at his new home, surprisingly he almost jumped off the trailer in eagerness of the fresh green grass that led to the two stall stable. As soon as we stopped in the paddock, his head dropped to the ground and he ate the grass as though he hadn't seen it in months, which he probably hadn't. He still had most of his winter coat, leading us to believe that he had been kept locked up in a stall.

We immediately called the vet to see if we could help him and if he would survive. As soon as she came, she told us that he was 20+, and very ill. She could not tell what was wrong with him besides starvation and neglect, so she gave him a large dose of antibiotics, and gave us the equivalent of horse Tylenol.

After she left, we held out a carrot to him, and he did not even realize what to do with it until we stuck it gently into his mouth. His eyes seemed to widen in surprise of the special treat. We checked on him regularly through the night because of his temperature (103 degrees, and normal is 98-101 degrees), and by morning it was gone.

The vet recommended a warm sponge bath, and to our amazement, as the thick layers of filth were removed, we discovered that Chance was not a dark bay horse, but almost a dark golden color. Our Chance was turning into a beautiful horse, friendly and sweet. What my friend and I were most worried about now were the vet bills.

Second Chance, AFTER his 2 rescuers cleaned him up.Once you see a horse that has been that mistreated, you will never forget the sight.

We called a place called Lost and Found, and animal rescue, who offered to pay for and provide all of his medicine. They are a Godsend to us. Less then a week later, Chance is turning into a wonderful friend. He was feeling so well on Wensday night that he broke into her mother's garden to eat the corn, and then playfully nudged me with his head when I tried to return him to his stall.

But, we are not out of the woods yet. Chance still has great difficulty breathing, and still seems to be in pain. In no less then 4 days, he has stolen our hearts and opened our eyes to what is happening to other horses out there. Even though we bought Chance, there were still many more horses at the New Holland Auction who were not saved.

It breaks my heart to know that I could not save them, and no one else did. Please, if you have read what happened to us, then you should realize that no matter your age, you can still help a horse, even if you can't buy one. I am sure that there are many rescue places that could use volunteers, or just a few dollars to help save a horse like Chance. You can even spread the word of what is happening and write to your local congressman. Nicole

Points to Ponder

Equine Protection Network

Sick and emaciated horse.If this horse is not in very poor condition, then what IS "very poor condition"?

If this horse does not have a "severe welfare problem", then what IS a "severe welfare problem"?

Where was the vet when this horse was brought into the sale barn?

Where was the vet when this horse was led into the sale ring by stable workers?

Where was the vet when this horse was tied in the sale barn?

PA Anti Cruelty Law

Title 18 § 5511. Cruelty to animals

(c) Cruelty to animals.--A person commits a summary offense if he wantonly or cruelly illtreats, overloads, beats, otherwise abuses any animal, or neglects any animal as to which he has a duty of care, whether belonging to himself or otherwise, or abandons any animal, or deprives any animal of necessary sustenance, drink, shelter or veterinary care, or access to clean and sanitary shelter which will protect the animal against inclement weather and preserve the animal's body heat and keep it dry. This subsection shall not apply to activity undertaken in normal agricultural operation.

(d) Selling or using disabled horse.--A person commits a summary offense if he offers for sale or sells any horse, which by reason of debility, disease or lameness, or for other cause, could not be worked or used without violating the laws against cruelty to animals, or leads, rides, drives or transports any such horse for any purpose, except that of conveying the horse to the nearest available appropriate facility for its humane keeping or destruction or for medical or surgical treatment.

* District Justice Carl Good is no longer the District Justice in the Town of New Holland effective January 2000.
The new District Justice is Rodney Hartman.

** According to sources close to the case, District Justice Carl Good refused to accept the charges filed by the Humane League of Lancaster County. The Humane League of Lancaster County has 2 years to refile the charges.

There have several cases of horses sold through the New Holland Sales Stables that have been allowed to be sold by the auction house's vet whose condition contradicts the statmement made by Temple Grandin and the person who consigned the horse has later been convicted of cruelty in violation of Pennsylvania law, Title 18 5511(d)

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