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California Voters "Just Say Neigh" to Horse Slaughter!


Horse Transport Law Cards

PA Horse Transport Law Cards
NY Horse Transport Law Cards
VT Horse Transport Law Cards


New York Horse Transport Law

NY State Raises Fines On Illegal Transport

PA Horse Transport Bill Introduced!
IL Horse Transport Bill
IN Horse Transport Bill SB86

Law Enforcement

PA State Police Arrest NY Shipper For Cruelty to Horses

PA State Police Arrest NC Horse Dealer In Auction Barn

NY Shipper Faces 38 Misdemeanor Counts of Illegal Transport

PA State Police Enforce Laws On Coggins Test

Equine Infectious Anemia Outbreak in PA

New York Shipper Pays Another Fine

PA Horse Transport Law Enforced!

Education & Awareness

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ACBNY Conference
Devon Horse Show
EPN White Paper Unwanted Horse
Horse World Expo
Saddle Up for Storytime!
Save Americas Horses Campaign

Stolen Horses

Stolen Horse Idaho, Recovered 1 Year Later!
EPN Partners with SHI to Distribute Idaho Alerts 

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HoofPAC Political Action Committee

HoofPAC is the political action committee that has been formed to end the slaughter of America's horses. Cathleen Doyle, founder of HoofPAC, led the successful Save The Horses campaign in 1998 that made the slaughter of California's horses a felony.

Did You Know?

"It is important that we never lose sight that rescue without advocacy will not change people's thinking, set social policy, pass laws or abolish equine cruelty."

Cathleen Doyle
HoofPAC, Save The Horses, CA Equine Council

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Adopt/Rescue Information on horse rescue.

Note: When contacting a horse rescue by E-mail, you must indicate what state you are located in & your name. Many rescues to do not adopt out of state.


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Auction Information List of open horse auctions by state

What to do when you suspect or witness cruelty to horses.

The EPN is an all volunteer organization that depends entirely on public support.

Frequently asked questions on the issues of cruelty and horse slaughter.

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Save America's Horses!

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