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September 5, 2001
Equine Protection Network, Inc.
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September 5, 2001

OH Shipper of Horses Stopped in Lancaster County PA-
Horses Seized

New Holland, PA- The PA SPCA assisted by the New Holland Police Department, NHPD, stopped a double deck cattle trailer carrying 31 horses on Tuesday, September 4, 2001. The 31 horses were seized by the PA SPCA and are being held at various locations as evidence in the PA SPCA's criminal investigation.

Under the recently enacted PA Horse Transport Law, Act 64, it is illegal to transport any equine animal in a conveyance that has more than one level stacked on top of each other. Each horse is a separate offense. The minimum fine for each count is $50.00. The maximum fine is $750.00 for each count. Forfeiture of the animals can also be ordered, along with restitution for the cost of caring for the horses.

According to the PA SPCA,the horses were destined for slaughter in Canada for human consumption overseas. Mad Cow Disease & Hoof & Mouth in Europe have driven up demand for horsemeat in Europe, resulting in more American horses being slaughtered for human consumption overseas.

The EPN applauds the enforcement efforts of the PA SPCA.

The people of the Commonwealth of PA have overwhelmingly indicated that they do not want horses transported in double deckers. The PA Legislature has passed the law, law enforcement has done their job, and now we sincerely hope the courts will find the defendant(s)guilty and impose a substantial fine and award the horses to the PA SPCA. Anything less will be a slap on the wrist and the cost of doing business to these haulers. Historically, only substantial fines have made these shippers stop using double deckers.

In an unrelated incident, Arlow Kiehl, Watertown, NY has a court appearance on September 19, 2001 in Barker, NY, for 32 misdemeanor counts of the illegal transport of horses. Mr. Kiehl was arrested in February 2001 in Barker, NY for transporting horses on a double deck trailer from a PA auction.


Members of the EPN first approached the PA legislature in 1995 asking for legislation to ban the use of double deck cattle trailers in PA. Members of the EPN later testified on the cruel and inhumane transport of horses in double deck cattle trailers in June 1998 at a PA House Judiciary Committee hearing held in Gettsyburg, PA. The EPN contacted the New York State Police urging them to step up enforcement of NY law prohibiting the use of double deck cattle trailers. The increased enforcement has resulted in numerous guilty convictions and $8000.00 paid in fines.

Indiana is now following PA's lead and introducing legislation modeled after Act 64 to ban the use of double deckers in IN, home to the infamous Shipshewanna horse auction.


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