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July 17, 2002
Equine Protection Network, Inc.

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PA Dept of Agriculture Publishes Fit to Sale Brochure

"Fit for Sale",has been published by the PA Dept. of Agriculture, PDA.This is a brochure with _guidelines_ for the sale of horses in PA. It includes a description and pictures on body condition, blindness, lameness (shows an overgrown hoof) lesions and wounds (shows a picture of wounds on a leg) it also list other disease that makes selling a debilitated horse illegal in PA. It also has the PA Anti Cruelty Law, Title 18, Section 5511(d). This law is in the Crimes Code and can be enforced by police and humane agents. Horses that are less than a 3 on the Henneke Body Scoring Condition Chart cannot be offered for sale in PA under the PA Anti Cruelty Law. The Henneke Chart.

To assist in educating the public regarding this law, the PDA is distributing these brochures to anyone who requests them for free to distribute at auctions, sales and anywhere horse people might see them -feed stores, tack shops, shows, horse club meetings etc.

The EPN has had the PA Anti Cruelty Law on our website for several years in an effort to educate the public regarding this law and the lack of enforcement of the law. The EPN has worked diligently since 1996 for the enforcement of this law at PA horse auctions. The EPN's continued efforts to document the conditions of the horses at these sales and to expose the conditions by putting the pictures up on the Internet for the world to see has brought about the enforcement of this law, changes at some PA horse auctions and raised awareness of this law.

In September 1999 in the first enforcement of this law since it was put on the books in the 1980's the PA State Police arrested 2 dealers from NC for transporting and selling 2 disabled horses. More information on this case can be found at

our efforts to have this law enforced.

We are pleased to see the PA Dept of Ag publish these guidelines and believe this brochure will go a long way toward preventing the illegal sale and transport of sick, lame and debilitated horses in PA. We have suggested to the PDA that the brochure be published on the PA Dept of Ag's website so more people can quickly and easily access and download the brochure.

Please do your part to help the horses by requesting copies of this brochure to distribute to other horse owners and the public.

To request copies, please contact PA Department of Agriculture: 717 787-4626.

Since this press release was issued the PA Dept of Agtriculture has published the Fit to Sale Brochure on their website. As of August 2005 the brochure was no longer available online.

The brochure states that these are guidelines for the sale of horses at auction. The PA law applies to sale of ALL horses, not just horses at auctions.


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