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March 18, 1999
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NY Shipper of Horses Pays $2000.00 Fine

New Holland - Mr. and Mrs. Donald Nickerson, Bainbridge, NY paid finestotalling $2000.00 in New Holland Boro, Lancaster County, PA. The Nickersons were arrested on February 8, 1999 in New Holland, PA by Trooper Patrick J.Fetterman of the PA State Police.

Mr. Nickerson was arrested for driving with a revoked Commerical Drivers License, CDL. Arlene Nickerson, his wife and the owner of the vehicle, was arrested for allowing him to operate the vehicle with a revoked license.

Mr. Nickerson's company, Nickerson Livestock and drivers for Nickerson Livestock have been convicted on several counts in New York of the illegal transportation of horses. In a case in Kirkwood, NY in January of 1998 involving the use of a double deck cattle trailer used to transport horses,the Nickersons were fined $3000.00 after trial. In Essex County, New York the fine was $1400.00. The company was also involved in the Syracuse 36 case in March 1995 which drew national attention on ESPN. The case in Syracuse also involved the use of a double deck cattle trailer.

The PA Department of Agriculture recently issued Nickerson Livestock permits to transport domestic animals in PA. Convictions in other states are grounds for denial of permits, and the PA Dept of Ag has been made aware of the prior convictions.